Board of Directors 3/29/17

  • March 29, 2017 at 8:56 pm #27811

    Christian resigned
    We are all bummed
    Dino, Kyle, and Jesse were appointed to the Board of Directors
    Last Wed at 7 pm
    Carolyn Fundraising
    Paying teachers
    Paintball, Art Out Loud
    Denver Art Society Quarterly Fundraiser Events
    Mai Wyn Brunch
    Yes! DAS will partner with the ADSF
    Alley Rally
    Want to expand to the rest of the neighborhood
    ADSF and KGNU sponsorship
    Contacted ADSF and filled out membership form, haven’t paid membership yet
    KGNU membership…need to call for info
    Have not contacted Ilya about negotiations
    Rent: Will increase by $500
    Kyle Re-organizing
    Re-organize the art storage space and office space
    Culture of Disrespect
    Grace has been too out of line towards Jesse and other members
    Grace has apologized and will back off
    More private conversations!

    We need to figure out a way to discuss “taboo” topics such as feelings of inadequacy based on race or gender coming from power structure of DAS. question was posed: is there ever a time and place to communicate feelings of treatment based on race or gender of other person. Is it ok for Mike to decide the standards when we speak about race? Is it ok for the board to set the standards when we speak about race? Who decides these things? Mike would like to set the standards and I believe there should be a larger discussion. Mike asked why it was a problem to only have one female on the board of directors? Or only one female on the steering committee?
    So can people please answer his questions?

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