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As an Exhibiting Artist, you can show and sell (or “exhibit”) your art at Denver Art Society all year-round, based on volunteer hours and a suggested donation.

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Studios are open (no privacy, no locking rooms) areas in our creative community in the heart of the ArtWalk. You can also learn more about artist residencies.

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As an Volunteer Member, you can pay your dues in volunteer hours instead of cash. Volunteer Memberships are only available for six months at a time. After that, you have to reapply.

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New & Potential Member Orientation

We host two open house meetings every month. The first Open House is at 6:30pm on the Wednesday before the first Friday of the month. The second Open House is at 6:30pm on the Wednesday before the third Friday of the month. Both meetings take place at Denver Art Society 734 Santa Fe Dr. Denver, CO.

We love seeing new faces. You’re welcome to join us.

Questions & Concerns

You’re welcome to stop by the gallery at any time, at the meeting times listed above, call (720) 583 – 3728 to speak to a volunteer, or fill out a contact form and reach out to us with any questions or concerns at all.