About Us

The mission of Denver Art Society Cooperative is to collectively host a creative community where people of all ages can view, learn, and exhibit local art in all forms.

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    Latest news and updates about Denver art, artists, and the community we serve. View latest news & updates.

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    Open public discussions for creatives, artists, performers, and anyone looking to be a part of our art community. Topics include artist opportunities, upcoming events, general announcements, complaints, and more. View latest discussion forums & topics.

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    Stop by and say hello, or use our contact form to reach out to us immediately. Contact Denver Art Society Cooperative.

Our Values

We Foster Education

Life-long learning is more than just a phrase — it’s a way of life. Everyone has skills to teach, and everyone has skills to learn. By collaborating we grow stronger — together

We Pursue Excellence

Personal excellence and community excellence come hand-in-hand. We are united to excellence in our selves, our families, and our neighbors. By supporting one another, we can reach greater heights.

We Practice Honesty

We create the world in which we live. By making a stronger community, we create a better environment for ourselves, and for our children.

We Create Fun

Playing is as important as planning. We work hard — and when that work is finished we take our imagination seriously. Creativity can not be censored.

Our work

For artists

  • Exhibitions

    Provide a public space where anyone can show their art.

  • Studios

    Offer creative work studios in a collaborative community environment.

  • Projects

    Strengthen community by uniting local artists.

  • Resources

    Provide a safe, welcoming workspace for artists.

For students

  • Classes

    Public classes open to everyone in the community.

  • Workshops

    Hands-on workshops to develop creative skills together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our cooperative hosts a creative community where people of all ages can view, learn, and exhibit local art in all forms. Every day, we volunteer to open a public gallery where anyone can show their art without censorship or commission. We maintain dozens of studios where artists can learn and grow together. Learn more or get involved.

Yes. Everyone is welcome. We do not discriminate, and you are welcome to show any art that you like (we will not censor your art, and insist you do not to censor ours).

The best way to get started is to attend one of the two monthly Coop meetings. One meeting is 7pm on the Wednesday before 1st Friday. The other meeting is 7pm on the Wednesday before 3rd Friday. New and potential members can show up at 6:30 for an introduction and orientation. Click here to sign up in advance.

Yes. Denver Art Society is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Our tax ID is 27-0750665. We are further categorized as a public charity.

Denver Art Society is located 734 Santa Fe Dr. Denver, CO 80204 halfway up the street in between 7th and 8th Aves. in the heart of the ArtWalk in the Arts District on Santa Fe Dr.

You can give us a call at (720) 583-3728 or email us at info@denverartsociety.org. You can come by anytime between 10am and 7pm any day of the week and speak to someone in person. You can also contact us directly.

Contact Us

We always love to hear from our community members. Feel free to drop in or contact us using the info below, or come by the gallery during our business hours and say ‘hello’. You can also fill out a contact form.


Monday – Thursday 10am – 7pm

Friday – Saturday 10am – 10pm

Sunday 10am – 7pm


Address 734 Santa Fe Dr

Phone (720) 583 – 3728

Email info@denverartsociety.org